Invitation from IPRED Scientific Committee Chairman



Dear respected colleagues,

I am honored to invite you to participate in the 4th International conference on Preparedness and Response of healthcare systems to Emergencies and Disasters (IPRED), that will be held between 10-13 January 2016, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The year 2014 was characterized by frequent natural disasters occurring world-wide, renewing the concerns about global warming and other life threatening incidents. The massive cold wave that swept North America affected close to 240 million people, forcing schools and local governments to shut down. The massive Afghan landslide caused by heavy rains, buried homes, killing thousands and displacing extensive populations. The Typhoon Hagupit that struck the Philippines necessitated the evacuation of over 1.2 million people. These are just a few examples of emergency events caused by nature. Additional man-made emergencies such as the civil war in Syria or emergence of biological threats, such as the Ebola outbreak, also pose significant threats to the well-being of the civil populations and public health.

Effective management of these events  necessitates international collaboration and assistance, as frequently one nation cannot solely manage the horrific repercussions of such disasters. International cooperation and collaboration facilitate a joint response which saves lives, maintains functional management and enhance national and global capacity building.

Considering this important element of decision making in emergency management, the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Home Front Command have established a tradition of providing an international platform for sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience for practitioners and researchers in the fields of preparedness and response to disasters and emergencies.

The Ipred IV conference will provide an excellent platform and opportunity for international networking as well as enhancement of research, in order to contribute towards the development of the Science of Emergency Preparedness and Response.

Following the success of IPRED I (2010), IPRED II (2012), and IPRED III (2014), we strongly believe that the 4th IPRED conference will likewise provide an opportunity  for the world's leading experts from the field, academic bodies, governing institutions, and interface agencies world-wide, to meet and discuss various topics relating to emergency preparedness and response.

We hope you will honor us with your presence by joining us at the conference, and we look forward to hosting you in Tel Aviv in January 2016.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Shimon Reisner

Chairman, Scientific Committee